MA 3 Axis CNC Bus Bar Milling Unit


  • Two way processing copper arc angle, no need for manual programming.
  • Variable frequency spindle moto 0 – 3500 speed adjustment, equipped with automatic chip spray system, high milling finish.
  • Siemens 8080 CNC system with closed-loop detection and error correction to eliminate processing deviation and workpiece scrapping caused by signal interference in PLC open-loop operation.

Processing of the Spindle
Variable frequency spindle motor with automatic chip spray system and high milling finish.

High Accuracy Processing

High level finish and multiple bending radiuses

Siemens 8080 CNC System

Closed loop detection and error correction.

Technical Data

Specification Unit ???
Taper Hole of Spindle / BT40
Total Power kW 10
Spindle Motor Power kW
4 (variable frequency)
Max. Speed r/min 3500
Tool Changing Mode / Pneumatic
Positioning mm ±0.03
Repositioning mm ±0.01
Bus Bar Length Direction (X) mm 200
Bus Bar Width Direction (Y) mm 220
Upward and Downward Direction of the Tool (Z) mm 100
Processing Range
Thickness mm 3 – 12
Width mm 20 – 140
Length (Min. Length) mm 150
System CNC System / Siemens 8080

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