MB40 Series CNC Bus Bar Bending Unit


  • Servo motor hydraulic system offers better energy saving, high efficiency and lower noise.
  • With the high precision displacement measurment system it is possible to maintain accuracy within ±0.2° to meet high precision processing requriements.
  • The bending push rod is operated with a servo motor with adjustable speed from 0 to 13 mm/s with a top reversing speed of 50 mm/s.

Bending Force
Using servo motor as bending power source it is more energy saving than a regular motor and offers higher efficienc and bending accuracy.

High Precision Electronic Angle Measuring Device
The high precision electronic measuring device can detect the bending angle of the parts being processed quickly and accurately – in realtime to ensure the requirements of high precision part processing.

CNC System
German Beckhoff CNC systems offer reliability, stable performance, fast response speed and high memory capacity. Combined with automatic programming software developed independently by JFY, it can realize the automatic expansion of the bending workpiece and automatically calculate the expansion length of the busbar according to the standard bending middle layer.

Vertical Bending

Horizontal Bending

Twist Bending

U Bending

Technical Data

Specification Unit ???
Max. Punch Force KN 400
Main Drive Servo
Bending Accuracy ° ±0.2°
Max. Bending Angle ° 95°
Approaching Speed mm/s
0 – 13 adjustable
Quick Return Speed mm/s 50
Max. Working Stroke mm 200
Return Stroke mm
0 – 200 adjustable
Total Power mm 2000
Max. Vertical Bending Size kW 7
U Bending Internal Width (Option) mm
200 x 15 (W x T)
Max. Horizontal Bending Size (Option) mm
125 x 10 (W x T)
Outline mm
4300 x 2000 x 1690

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