MP50 Series Bus Bar Punching Machine


Linear Tool Station
Upper and lower tool libraries adopt a linear structure making tool changing simple and fast. Two toolset options available 6 punching tools + 1 cut tool or 7 punching tools and 1 cut tool.

Hydraulic System
Acording to the working characteristics of bus bar punching and cutting machine the special hydraulic system features low noise and fast punching.

Beckhoff CNC System
Beckhoff industrial system combined with advanced bus bar processing software developed by JFY with high stability as one of the main targets, can complete automatic programming, tool library management, path optimization as well as other auxilary functions.

Edging, Marking, Oblong and Radius Edging



Technical Data

Specification Unit MP50
Max. Punch Force kN 500+400
X/Y axis Max.Positioning Speed mm/min 80
X axis Stroke mm 1000
Y axis stroke mm 1700
V axis stroke mm 1700
Max. Punch Hit hpm 400
Stations 120
Hole Accuracy mm 6+1+1
Max. Sheet Thickness mm
Copper 15 ; Steel 10
Processing Sheet Size mm 6000×200
Max. Punch diameter per Time mm 32
Hydraulic stroke mm
60 (500kN) + 300 (400kN)
Max. Cutting Width per Time mm^2 Copper 200
Max. Marking Size per Time mm 160×80
Max. Hydraulic Force bar 270
Total Power kW 25
Dimensions mm

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