DMT Series Punching Machine


  • Improved energy efficiency with servo motors
  • Single servo motor design improves punching speed
  • Reduced noise level during punching
  • High positioning accuracy

DMT Dual-Motor Dynamic System
Dual-motor driving dynamic system increases punching speed. Motors operate only during the punching operation which greatly decreases power consumption

Quick Tool Clamping
Punching tools are held in place with a single bolt, which allows quick and efficient tool maintenance. (DMT ; MTF ; MT Series)

Anti – Strip Alarm
Clamps will auto induct and send out an alarm in case sheets are stripped during punching or not in position while loading. (DMT ; MTE ; MT ; HVT Series)

Sheet Anti – Deformation Alarm
The machine can sense sheet deformation during punching and send out an alarm and perform an emergency stop to prevent damage to the workpiece and machine ( DMT ; MTE ; MT ; HVT Series).

Turret Processing
The turret is processed in pairs to ensure coaxiality of the punch and die which prolongs service life of tooling and improves precision.

Mixed Worktable
Bush and ball mixed worktable reduces noise, vibration and protects the surface of the sheet. (Adapt for sheets above 3 mm).

Technical Data

Specification Unit DMT-300
Punch Force kN 300
Max. Sheet Size*
Max. Sheet Thickness mm 3.2
Max. Punch Diameter per Once mm 88.9
Stations No. 32
No. of Auto Index No. 2
Hole Accuracy mm ±0.10
Max. Sheet Moving Speed
X axis m/min 120
Y axis m/min 90
Max. Punch Hits at 1 mm pace & 4 mm stroke hpm 1000
Max. Punch Hits at 25 mm pace & 4 mm stroke hpm 500
Turret Rotation Speed rpm 30
Controlling Axis No. 5
Outline Dimensions

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